Country Insights

The CEE Animation is a set of initiatives aimed at strengthening the animation industry in the CEE region. We are aware that our countries share a very similar situation with regards to animation. This section provides all the necessary information regarding the animation situation in each partner country.

If you look for data about the CEE countries, together with the help of Creative Europe Desks of several CEE countries and the help of voluntaries, we compiled these COUNTRY CONTEXTS with detailed information about each country. You can find there information about film industry from 14 CEE countries, including film supporting institutions, national broadcasters, information about distribution and production or the list of schools and film festivals. Lastly, a short presentation of the history of animation is mentioned. The work is copyrighted and accuracy is not guaranteed.

You can also download our latest MIFA brochure where you can find short country descriptions >>> discover the brochure here (from p. 42).

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