Meet CEE Animation on the Festival Road

Our team members work together across disciplines, love to meet new and traditional partners, discuss with different authorities across Europe and research new possibilities of cooperation.  Do you want to meet us?

When East Meets West / January 20 – 22

Matija Šturm, Jožko Rutar and Juraj Krasnohorsky will attend the ninth edition of When East Meets West, the Italian co-production forum taking place in the frame of the Trieste Film Festival. This year WEMW will bring together industry professionals from over 35 countries, particularly from the 2019 East & West spotlight territories: Central Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine) and Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands).

>>> Book a meeting with Jožko Rutar /jozko(a) – his dates are 20th – 22nd January or with Matija Šturm /matija(a) to meet him from 21st to 22nd January.

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival / Euro Connection / February 1 – 9

Among other things, Aneta Ozorek will follow eight CEE projects that have been selected to be pitched at the Co-production Forum:

  • Once There Was a Sea, Joanna Kozuch (Slovakia)
  • Steakhouse, Spela Cadez (Slovenia)
  • Portrait of Europe, Filip Jacobson (Poland)
  • DA-MI MÂNA, Paul Muresan (Romania) – VAF Třeboň 2016 winner with his project “Somewhere
  • Branka, Mate Ugrin (Croatia)
  • Mud Pie!, Katerina Karhánková (Czech Republic) – included allready in our CEE Animation Talents 2018 selection with her “The Fruits of Clouds
  • Night Shift, Eddy Schwartz & Yordan Petkov (Bulgaria)
  • County Court, Eeva Mägi (Estonia)

Five CEE short films remain to make up the International Competition. We are bringing you the selection of CEE animated short films: Biciklisti by Veljko Popovic (Croatia, France), Elektrika diena by Vladimir Leschiov (Latvia), III by Marta Pajek (Poland) and Na zdrowie! by Paulina Ziolkowska (Poland). Hungarian director Reka Bucsi will present her Solar Walk within the Lab Competition 2019.

>>> Contact directly Aneta Ozorek /anetaozorek(a), she will stay from 1st to 8th February.

Berlin International Film Festival / February 7 – 17

Berlinale = the place to be!

>>> Meet Jožko Rutar /jozko(a) who will be in Berlin from 8th to 12th February together with Matija Šturm /matija(a) who will join him from 8th to 10th February.

Cartoon Movie / March 5 – 7

Marta Jallageas will not miss the pitching event with focus on feature films that will welcome the winning project from VAF Třeboň 2018 Of Unwanted Things and People (Maur Film, CZ / Artichoke, SK / ZVVIKS, SI / WJTeam/Likaon, PL).

Discover with us all selected projects coming from the Central and Eastern Europe:

  • Born in the Jungle, by Edmunds Jansons, p. Latvia – Atom Art / France
  • Comrades, by Olivier Patté & Rafael Lewandowski, p. France / Poland – Donten & Lacroix Films / Germany
  • Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale by Matthias Bruhn, Ralf Kukula, p. Germany / Luxembourg / Belgium / Czech Republic – Maur film
  • Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs by Edmunds Jansons, p. Latvia – Atom Art / Poland – Letko
  • Marona’s Fantastic Tale by Anca Damian, p. Romania – Aparte Film / France / Belgium
  • Of Unwanted Things and People by David Súkup, Ivana Laučíková,  Leon Vidmar, p. Czechia – Maur Film / SLovakia – Artichoke / Slovenia – ZVVIKS / Poland – WJTeam/Likaon
  • Pat & Mat the Film by Erik van Schaaik, Marco van Geffen, p. Lemming Film (Netherlands) – the original story comes from the Czech Republic
  • Piece by Alan Holly, p. Ireland / Hungary – CUB Animation / France
  • Raggie by Karsten Kiilerich, Meelis Arulepp, p. Estonia – A Film Estonia / Denmark
  • The Crossing by Florence Miailhe, p. France / Czech Republic – Maur film / Germany
  • The Island by Anca Damian, p. Romania – Aparte Film / France

>>> Marta Jallageas /marta(a) will stay the whole event from 5th to 7th March.