10 January 2020: Submission deadline via the Google form, all attachments and files submitted
20 February 2020: Projects and participants individually notified about the selection
20 March 2020: Entry fees and accreditation for projects to be paid
5 – 8 May 2020: CEE Animation Forum 2020


Only producers or other project rights holders can submit projects.

Producers must hold the rights to the project including:

  • the right to present the project and any of its parts (including video in any form) to the public,
  • the right to publish information on the project and any of its parts in any form.

By submitting the project, the producer or the project’s rights holder grants the contest organizers the right to publish – within the scope of the CEE Animation Forum – basic information about the project, its headline picture and / or its video presentation as well as use all these elements and information for the pitching catalogue in both paper and virtual / online version.

The producer and director must both present the project in person at the CEE Animation Forum held 5 – 8 May 2020 in Liberec (Czech Republic).

The producer and director of the submitted project must be citizens of the EU or of countries listed below */ (following the Article 8 of the Regulation No 1295/2013 establishing the Creative Europe Programme).

In case there is no director yet, it is possible to apply with scriptwriter instead of director, but the same rules apply.


By submitting the project the producer expresses their understanding of and the agreement with the rules of the CEE Animation Forum.

Submission has to be done HERE (via Google forms). Click here to find the list of the data and documents you will have to submit via the submission form.

By submitting the right holders of the winning projects of all categories:

1) grant to organizers the right to use the headline picture (marked as HEAD_name of the project) for the CEE Animation´s graphics presentation for the next year. Each time, all visuals will be accompanied by the title of the project and the names of the director and producer and will serve as a promotion of the winning projects,

2) if the project selected for pitching receives a CEE Animation Forum Award in any of format sections, producer agrees that they will mention the project is „Winner of CEE Animation Forum 2020 “ in project´s materials as well as in the film credits.

The VR Competition is open to all original works in development and production that use VR technology and explore new kinds of storytelling, regardless of format or device, including 360° films and videos, immersive experiences and installations – whether interactive or not –, VR Theater, and Room-scale VR projects.


There is no registration fee for submitting your application. Upon selection of the project fees apply as it follows:
Category SHORT FILMS / VR fee: 50 EUR per project
Category SERIES/ TV SPECIALS and FEATURE FILMS fee: 150 EUR per project

The fee includes accommodation (twin room) for 2 participants for max. 3 nights, 2 accreditations for CEE Animation Forum 2020 and the International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm 2020 and the transport Prague – Liberec – Prague (if needed). Any additional costs not listed above are not covered by the organiser.

The payment of the entry fee must be made before 20 March 2020. If the payment is not made until the deadline and the participant does not respond to the organiser’s final request to immediately make the payment, the organiser will consider this as a cancellation notice on the part of the participant and replace the participant with another project.


Producers whose project has been selected cannot withdraw their project beyond 20 March 2020, or they will have to pay CEE Animation the sum of 200 EUR that will cover all the administrative costs of late cancellation.


Selection Committee will be appointed by CEE Animation and will, among other things, take into consideration:

  • creative idea,
  • originality of the story,
  • design and visual style,
  • producers’ background,
  • projects’ prospective and coproduction potential.


*/ list of eligible countries:
  • EU member states (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom),
  • Countries within European region complying with procedures set by these countries following general agreements and their participation in Creative Europe Programmes (Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Tunisia).
In projects where one or more authors are not EU citizens, the assessment whether the work meets EU criteria will be made. In case EU regulations are not met, the project will be refused.