Three animated projects from the CEE region received support from Creative Europe MEDIA

Creative Europe MEDIA, Development Single Project Animation results have been published. In total, the selection includes ten projects from 7 European countries – France is represented by three projects, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg and United Kingdom by one each. The presence of three projects from the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia sends an encouraging message to the region of Central East Europe.

The feature length coproduction film Of Unwanted Things and People is based on the book by Arnošt Goldflam. ‘This favorite Czech author of original fairy tales wrote a collection of 14 nice fairy tales, full of peculiar poetics and novel ideas. An ordinary box with old unnecessary cuts served as a source of inspiration for wonderful stories about things and people,’ says Czech producer Martin Vandas (MAUR film). The shooting of the first fairy tale story, The Orphans, is drawing already closer. Another four fairy tales from the book are being worked on simultaneously in four different European cities. The co-producers of the film are Juraj Krasnohorsky (Artichoke – Slovakia) and Kolja Saksida (ZVVIKS – Slovenia). The film has also received financial support from the Czech State Cinematography Fund.

Slovenian animation has also achieved historical success. The Twisted Tales webisodes (24 min) and TV series (6 x 24 min) is the first animated project in development to receive support from Creative Europe in Slovenia. The Twisted Tales is a series of stories with a twist offering a new and empowering perspective on the well-known fairy tale storyline by introducing a stigma into the narrative, with each reinvented fairy tale tackling a separate stigma. ‘There are two reasons why we choose well-known fairy tales rather than tell new stories to explore these stigmas. Firstly, the fairy tale gives the participating child a familiar point of entry, and secondly, the modern versions of fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and so on teach girls to wait for a prince to save them. Yet the stereotypes of passive women and questionable life goals (to marry a rich prince) had not always been part of these tales,’ explains the directors, Jasmine Kallay and Sara Božanić. The Twisted Tales were supported by the ITD Institute for Transmedia Design.

Croatia’s Crystal Raiders is a science-fiction project for children conceived by the late Oscar-winner Dušan Vukotić about an orphaned baby dinosaur Burgy who leaves his underground home and surfaces to the Earth, only to be found by two children who desperately try to save him from a greedy circus owner and an unscrupulous animal dealer. The screenwriters are Dušan Vukotić and Aleksandar Žiljak; the project is produced by FILMOSAURUS REX d.o.o.

The call was open to animations at the minimum length of 60 minutes, intended primarily for cinematic release. For a full list of selected projects, click here.